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Leadership at Apollo Laboratories

Hui at Apollo Pathology LLC

Technical Director Hui Fan, PhD


Hui Fan joined Apollo Laboratories in 2015 as the Technical Director. She is responsible for the development, execution, and monitoring of all laboratory tests as well as ensuring compliance with CLIA regulations. Hui is a passionate analytical chemist who is dedicated to delivering accurate and timely diagnostic tests for patients and physicians. She specializes in trace level drug monitoring in body fluids using liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.

Hui has many years of practice in assay development and quality control and received her PhD in Analytical Chemistry from UT Arlington. Hui collaborated with UT Southwestern Medical School and UT Health Science Center in the development of rapid and highly sensitive assays to facilitate estrogen neuroprotection research during her graduate studies. Hui is a member of the American Chemical Society and American Society for Mass Spectrometry.

Alonna at Apollo Pathology LLC

General Supervisor Alonna Guerrero


Alonna Guerrero joined Apollo Laboratories in 2015 as the General Supervisor with expertise in high pressure liquid chromatography mass spectrometry. She has worked with bioanalytical samples ranging from human plasma to growth media using FDA method validation guidelines. Alonna has core experience in developing new methods with high throughput capacity, minimal sample preparation, and trace quantitation. Alonna worked at a leading long term care pharmacy in account management and developed an understanding of management techniques as well as CMS guidelines prior to working in an academic research setting. She led her department in the number of contract cancellation rescissions, new customer implementations, and customer satisfaction.

Alonna has seven years of experience as a certified pharmacy technician in retail, mail order, and long term care settings. She was placed in a position of leadership and in a training capacity in every job she held as a pharmacy technician. Alonna holds a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry from UT Arlington and is a member of the American Chemical Society and American Society for Mass Spectrometry.